Why Us

Lotus Diamond, Technologically advanced and skilled workforce and Perfect Sortoscopic Assortment make it stand different from other diamond Manufacturer.

Master Diamond Artisans

Big team of master artisans, expert gemmologists and diamond professionals throughout the globe work with dedication to fulfil all your needs. Every Diamond is hand cut and hand polished by one of them.

Cutting Edge Technology

See how our specialists, cutting edge technology and passion for perfection come together to transform a rough diamond into a Lotus Diamond

Excellence At Every Step Of The Process

Our dedication to excellence demands perfection, every step of the way. From the mine to the marketplace, from rough to polished. Because simply being good enough is not good enough for Lotus Diamond.

We manage every step of the production process within the walls of our own facilities. We believe that the pursuit of perfection is best entrusted to ourselves.

We therefore do not outsource any of our production from rough to polish. We even develop many of our own patented tools. As a result, every diamond we cut tells the Lotus Diamond story; a story of quality, excellence and uniform consistency, time and time again.

Specialised Sortoscopic Assortments

As a service oriented polished supplier with a presence in two major manufacturing hubs, we are able to provide our clients with tailored assortments selected And composed according to their specific requirements including highly specific layouts for jewellery and matching pairs. This is the result of our large inventory, broad manufacturing base, and experienced polished sourcing ability.

Technical Innovations

We select only the best rough stones, analysed by highly advanced, proprietary computer technology. However, it is still the insight and expertise of our highly skilled craftsmen that results in true brilliance and measurably greater light refraction than any other diamond.

Diamond's unrivalled expertise and technical knowhow has resulted in a custom calibrated production line accurate to a tolerance level of 0.05 mm: as close to perfection as anyone can get.

Powerful Technologies And Tools, Designed and Manufactured In House A High Precision

Process analyses each diamond, providing a 3D model of the stone revealing every inclusion, crevice and groove.

Complex algorithms and CAD technology enable our diamond engineers to determine the precise cut to optimise value.

100 x magnification microscopic inspection technology. Vibration free Polishing wheels.

Forecasting and tracking technologies

IT and communications infrastructure supported by a proprietary MIS system SAP software architecture with RFID technology.

Meeting Your Exact Requirements

Whatever the quantity, carat weight, cut, colour or clarity, we have the expertise to find exactly what you are looking for. Even for gemstones that are particularly hard to source, we find the right solution to match your requirements.

Facility Provider

The intimate nature of our relationship means we can help you determine your diamond supply months in advance. So you can manage your production efficiently and cost effectively.

Bagging and Fluting for Total Convenience

Meeting Your Exact Requirements

Forward Planning

Justin in Time Delivery

Diamond Matching

Culet Re-polishing

Independent Grading & Certification

Value Added Inventory Management

100% ethics

Trustworthy financial atmosphere

Solid financial structure ensures you can conduct your business in an atmosphere of absolute trust and integrity

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