Our Values

From our expert master diamond artisans to our state-of-the-art technology, both serve one mission: To cut diamonds of incomparable quality. So you are offered the ultimate diamond to your customer

Over a span of time, we have successfully earned and carved our way to become one of the leading industry players when it comes to manufacturing & distribution diamonds across the world.

During the last many decades, the Group has evolved from a traditional trading firm to a fully integrated business house extending reach across the diamond supply chain from rough purchase to diamond polishing and jeweler manufacturing backed by a fully integrated distribution channel. The Group has over the years, built a strong foundation that gives the strength to overcome challenges and conviction to convert possibilities into realities. The Group symbolizes commitment and unmatched passion in pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our strength to produce high quality small diamonds in large quantity consistently over a period of time has enabled us to achieve economies of scale as compared to other manufacturers. We are proud to offer over 200 quality assortments in diamonds. We have been able to create high recall of our products due to precision in cut, varieties in assortment, superior quality and service offerings.

Lotus supply and manufacture any shape and size specification measurements & dimension given by clients with accuracy of +/-0.025 mm.

Tailored Made Diamonds In Small Sizes

We understand that each customer comes with their set of needs and demands they expect tube fulfilled. It is our responsibility to translate those needs to successful tailor maid customized solutions for the benefits of our clients. In a round brilliant cut and single cut 8/8 cut, Lotus Diamond takes specialization to exceeding levels by assign another dimension to the end product classification of the 4C's.

Sortoscopic Grading System

A sortoscope is a type of a microscope; this means that the diamonds that are to be processed undergo careful gradation which will assess the quality, the make, the cut and purity of the diamond. This particular step is elemental in addressing the needs of the clients/watch and jewelry brands.

These ensure that every diamond is checked for its right color, grade and clarity in compliance with the highest quality as a reference standard

Calibrated Sizes

Lotus diamonds calibrates size gauges a number of factors that are essential for any end product diamond buyer or jeweler. This calibrated size measures the various dimensions of the diamond like the height, width, dimension, etc.

This proves to be very beneficial because it saves and umpteen amount of time lost by the client in grading or sorting the diamond and them also get the exact specifications of every diamond they receive on their end from Lotus Diamonds.

These therefore leave them concerned with other aspects of the diamond making and not fret over these nuances.

Bagging / Fluting

This department takes control of providing customer make solutions as per the demands of the jewellry designer or the watch manufacturer. The diamond manufacturer can provide with the destined unit and lotus diamonds will provide diamonds of the exact cut and make for the same.

We have a backward integrated IT system which work in perfect harmony with our others teams and therefore we successfully barcode every diamond using the bar code technology.

This complete Data back of each diamond ensures that we have a complete track of our records and this also benefits our clientele in having confidence over our end product and its credibility

Our scale of operations in this area, coupled with the significant number of customers using this high-precision service has enabled us to provide our customers with the benefit of economies of scale even while conforming to individual cyclical requirements

Future Planning

We plan our schedule in advance and therefore this helps you to be in compliance with your timeline when it comes your production strategy or cycle...

Just-in-Time Delivery

We will never be too late or too early. Our just-in-time polished delivery services eliminate the need to carry inventory, minimizing your investment cost and risk without shortages.

Diamond Matching

Matching diamonds play a key role in this business, our use of state of the art technology to ensure the diamond offered is the best and matches perfectly as per demand

Culet Repolishing

We understand that damages or mishaps in fitting etc. may occur at any stage, just returning back the diamond to us will ensure that our experienced professionals who are pro at retouching and relishing stones help you in emergency occurrence during your production therefore causing no untoward delay

Manufacture As Per Demand Supply Model

Our SAP enabled IT integrated system allows us to perform well. This is keeping in mind that our customer may have to fulfil emergency orders in a short amount of time span and therefore we serve our clients as per their demand and are ready at all times. The IT team ensures we have reduced conversion time between our rough procurement to final product delivery. The strength of our IT system ensures that the entire process is held together on schedule, right from the point of procurement to delivery.

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