Lotus Diamond manufacturing is a customer oriented manufacturing unit. R & D facility enables us to constantly improve our products. It ensures that we meet the specific parameters and requirements needed by our clients to fulfil their downstream programs. Additionally it guarantees an unrivalled consistency of triple excellent and exact parameter manufacturing.

Our diamond manufacturing division strives to continuously provide the most innovative methods of achieving the desired cut and polishing techniques. We are always in a relentless pursuit of further improving our standards in quality and supply of polished diamonds. Although we have wholesale diamonds for sale, each and every diamond is treated with utmost dedication. Moreover, we are equipped with the finest infrastructure facilities in Surat & Mumbai, enabling us to process wholesale loose diamonds with efficiency. With investments in state of the art machinery and equipment, we are capable of manufacturing world class products and that with steady consistency. When we say we are highly trusted and reliable diamond exporter, we say it with confidence as we are backed with strong infrastructure and most professional team.

Our manufacturing operations are widely recognized for deploying the most innovative technologies and skilled artisans. The output of our manufacturing is a polished inventory which variety of assortments including not just round brilliants but also a full range of fancy and special cuts, giving our jewellery and watch industry the widest selection.

Rough Diamonds

Lotus Diamond is one of the world's leading rough distributors, with an unbeatable direct sourcing ability and a distribution network covering all the key diamond centres. The combination of the breadth and scale of the offered range and the unique distribution system enables Lotus Diamonds to provide its clients with consistent and secure supplies.

Rough sourcing : We are part of a very select few who have access to significant quantities of direct supply from the largest rough producers. Our rough purchases, both from direct and indirect sources, cover all product ranges, types and sizes.

Rough Assortments Specialist

Our world-class trading system largely depends on the highly professional rough assorting at our Locations in India. Our flexible assortment creation systems, whereby goods from different sources & categories are precisely mixed, combined with a market-responsive flexible and clear 'Price- book' system, enables us to offer an exactly tailored product to our diverse client base. The precision of our tailoring is also enhanced by the fact that we are manufacturers and polished distributors ourselves and therefore have direct insight into the price trends and demands along the pipeline. By creating these specialist assortments and placing goods to niche players we generate significant added value for the rough goods.

Rough distribution : The success of our rough distribution is based on the fact that our trading takes place in three diamond markets, in combination with a unique distribution system that places emphasis on lasting relationships and sustainable profitability.

Our rough distribution takes place in three diamond markets: Antwerp (Belgium), Surat (India), Mumbai (India). This means that we are able to efficiently supply the largest possible range of clients, including both local market companies and the more mobile global trade. Through trading in the three most important markets we also gain insight into the trends along the diamond pipeline: Antwerp is a window to rough prices since goods from the majority of miners and producers are traded in there, Surat supplies valuable information on manufacturing outcomes and costs and Mumbai provides essential insight into global polished prices. Our rough distribution system is based on long lasting mutually beneficial relationships in which a number of our clients have become strategic partners, moreover, with others we have gone one step further and set up joint-venture businesses.

Rough Procurement : Our development functions consist of an in-process Excellent Control Division, which utilizes quality, manages at every level of development. Our procedure incorporation allows for real-time information selection and reviews which guarantees that the standard quotient is calculated at every point and does not drop below standard stages.

This constant concentrate on quality gives us the capability to provide our customers with the high item quality that we have guaranteed and has led to a number of long-term client connections.

Polishing Of Rough Diamonds

The polishing of the diamond begins; one by one, facets will be ground on to the stone. A facet is the tiny plane or surface that traps the light and makes a Diamond sparkle. Most diamond cuts have 58 facets.

The facets are applied to the Diamond on a "turntable", made of porous iron, which has been coated with diamond dust and oil. The diamond is set into a holder and held against the turntable as it revolves at a very high speed.

A diamond has been cut well when its facets are clean, sharp, and symmetrical, and the proportions above and below the girdle are correct. A diamond is correctly proportioned when one-third of the total weight of the gem is above the girdle and two thirds below. A well-cut diamond will be fiery, brilliant and beautiful.


This process involves diamond professionals marking the diamond, to explain how it is going to be cut or shaped after which the diamond is sent to the shaping division. Indian diamonds wholesale industry has highly skilled professionals for marking.

Laser Sawing and Cleaving

Once the diamonds have been sent to the Shaping division, they are sent for Sawing and Cleaving.

Cleavable goods are marked for Laser Sawing and Sawable goods are marked either for Blade Sawing or Laser sawing. Goods are also marked for making “window” to facilitate checking of internals of the diamonds. Shaping is given a great deal of importance as it is crucial to efficient diamonds wholesale.


Bruting is the process of giving shape to the rough diamond. A person doing this has to take care of many things as the rough diamonds is of 'vivid' shapes and resembles a normal stone. The butter has to take its utmost care of the diamonds at this process so that it does not break.

Also in this process the butter has to leave as much of natural skin on the piece of diamond as possible. This is because one can check out that the weight loss of the diamond in this process is not more than required. The minimum natural left has to be in a particular way, i.e. it has to be on the table as well as the bottom of diamond. At bottom of the diamond it has to be in three position so as to cover the circumference of the diamond. In the whole process of bruiting the main aim of the Bruter is to give a shape to the rough diamond in such a way that its optimum effect can be achieved by polisher, without any extra weight loss than required.

Cutting and Polishing

After being bruted a diamond passes to the polishing department where the final work of faceting is done. Polishing means the process of giving the diamond its final look. Each diamond has to be cut according to its requirement, and polished to bring out its shine. It is in this process where in the rough diamonds are made perfect. In diamonds wholesale, a great variety of cuts are available and each has its own charm and significance.

This is last step in manufacturing process of diamonds, from here diamonds passes to the Grading department.

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