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Lotus diamonds, founded and originated in the year 1932 in India, is one of the world's leading diamond manufacturing companies, active in three fields: rough distribution, polished manufacturing and polished marketing

Lotus diamonds is one of the most significant rough diamond distributors in the world with unique direct access to all major rough diamond sources.

Lotus Diamonds is driven by a profound and lasting commitment to the diamond industry. This commitment, combined with our core principles of innovation, relationship building and responsibility, it has been the whole and sole of everything lotus diamonds stand for.

Our Factors In Achieving Excellence
  • Principles : Trust, integrity, value and ethical business, best partnership, practices are a way of life at lotus Diamond.
  • Partnership : Creating and nurturing partnerships with employees, customers and business partners.
  • Progress : We partner innovation every step of the way. We always appreciate and entertain constant feedback from our values staff and customers to help us serve you better. We believe that a positive drive and approach and continuous improvements are the way to go.
  • Performance : God lies in the details they say! We ensure that all our artisans put in every bit of the hard work and skill they possess to deliver you only the best of what we, at lotus diamonds have to offer for your esteemed clientele.
Quality Commitment

The basis of every business lies in the commitment and its capabilities to adhere to them. We believe in long term commitment with our customer. We are committed to provide only the best of the quality and quantity from our end

We constantly lead ourselves to appraise our performances and expectations and to consistently innovate and integrate the business value chain in order to provide our customers the highest level of quality through our products and services.

Our Areas Of Expertise

We distinguish ourselves as experts in the fields of cutting and polishing all sizes of diamonds. These ranges are from the small tailor made, calibrated , Sortoscopic, assorted diamonds in various sizes. To the largest and most beautiful of the big stones known to man. We believe vehemently in exceeding the expectations of our clients and customers. Serving only the best is what we rest at, with our unmatched commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing operations are widely recognized for deploying the most innovative technologies and skilled artisans. The output of our manufacturing is a polished inventory which variety of assortments including not just round brilliants but also a full range of fancy and special cuts, giving our jewellery and watch industry the widest selection.

Our hard work and long term experience in manufacturing leads us to proud that our skilled workers and artisans are gifted with the abilities to make the world’s fanciest and best cut small and fancy diamonds.

Team Players

Team that continues to surpass and succeed every challenge. We at lotus diamonds have strived to form a team, having an expertise opinion one for the allotted job, therefore dispensing quality work in every piece of diamond Lotus diamonds offer.

Gemologists : Our masters of gems

Our gemologists use the most sophisticated testing equipment such as a refract meter, spectroscope and microscope to identify and analyse all kinds of gemstones.

They have been trained at either the GIA or the HRD, amongst the world's most prestigious gemological societies.

Diamond Engineers : Lotus Diamonds specialists

When it comes to blueprinting larger gemstones, our dedicated team of diamond engineers analyses how to achieve maximum value from every rough diamond that goes into production.

Master artisans from various parts of Indian that are dedicated at doing the best that their skills help them with is the easiest way we adhere to our quality policies.. Every diamond is hand-cut and hand-polished by our master artisans that have skills par excellence. As a result, we are the recognized expert in cutting and polishing all sizes of diamonds from small to the largest and rarest stones.

Expert Research And Development : Innovation Begins here

Our own dedicated research and development department continues the never-ending search for new methods and new possibilities, experimenting with new ways to captivate the imagination with original shapes and techniques.

Even our tools and production equipment are developed by our own specialists, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of quality, uniformity and value for money.

Our Partners

Our close relationship and long standing partnerships enables us to source and distribute both volume and variety of high-quality, natural and untreated diamonds at the most competitive prices.

Lotus diamonds take responsibility and give 100% guarantee in each and every diamond made by our manufacturing unit.

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